Kettle bell Swings

To get the metabolic engine roaring today, I started with 75 kettle bell swings at 60lbs. Trust me, towards the final 15 reps your core will feel soo worked it’s sweet relief once you put down the weight. If you want a great strength exercise, you really can’t top the swing!  


Tonight’s workout is legs, more details tomorrow!


Yesterday’s Workout

1 set dumbbell hammer curl with fat gripZ

3 minute break

1 set cable rope press downs

3 minute break

1 set reverse grip drag curls

3 minute break

1 set dumbbell triceps extensions

3 minute break

1 set dumbbell static holds


Minimum Effective Dose or MED refers to finding the minimum necessary to achieve maximal results. It doesn’t make sense to spend 20 hours in the Gym of it only takes 5. Now this isn’t an excuse to become lazy, far from it! Our mission is to better utilize the time we put into our daily activities. All of the experiments we will track in this blog will be aimed at efficiency as well as results! Tomorrow we will discover what our first experiment shall be!!! Stay tuned

Why Having a Training Partner is Crucial

This blog post is going to be a bit more about myself, but don’t worry, I’ll leave you with something good. Today marks an interesting turn of events for me. Typically I train by myself (mostly due to variability in my schedule, it gets tough to get a regular training partner), but today I begin training with my friend Rob. We will be consistently training together until November. I am very excited, and for good reason! With a training partner, the level of intensity can skyrocket!
Lets come at this from a few angles:
Accountability – Missing workouts has never been my thing, but now I really have to make sure I show up. It’s just rude to leave someone hanging, especially when they have made a commitment to bring a whole new level of intensity to your training.
Safety – Growth comes from adversity. Adversity in this case is the level of stress you put on your muscles. Having a spotter allows you to push to your maximal effort. If anything does go wrong, they are there to make sure you stay safe. They can also help make sure your form is correct.
Motivation – There has been plenty of times where I have been under the bar and I have had a mental conversation with myself about whether or not I can finish the lift. You know what helps get you through to the end? Your training partner telling you that you can get it!
Fun – Let’s face it, results happen when your having fun! Don’t get me wrong, training is business and your here to get to work, but I cant think of better recovery between sets than laughing. Just make sure you can refocus before getting back to it, squats get waay harder when your laughing.
Short, sweet, and to the point! Now get out there with a friend and start getting results!

Why 15 lbs is all you need!

I was with a client this morning and one of the comments I made to him was that 15 lbs is a bastard of a weight. “Unpack your thinking sir!” After some hearty banter about where the conversation was going, I explained to him that even though 15 lbs seems like a light weight, it can have a huge impact in his training. Any light weight can, if used effectively.

Too many people are focused on the quantity vs the quality of their lifts now a days. “I can lift x amount!” “I can rip out x amount of push ups in a minute!” It has an extreme feel to it I know, and my ego has written checks my body can’t cash on numerous occasions! Having said that, I have learned from those mistakes and have now become focused on the quality of my workouts.

By no means am I saying that lifting heavy doesn’t have its merits, because it does, but going a little lighter and really focusing on how the muscle feels as you execute the lift can be very effective. Not to mention a little lighter weight can allow for holds which really blast the muscles into responding!

Next arms day, try using 15lbs dumbbells for curls. However take the movement slow (4 to 5 second counts) and really focus on your biceps and how they feel. Shoot for 8 – 10 reps. Trust me, you’ll feel incredible!


The Right Mindset

I know there is some negativity going towards Arnold Schwarzenegger right now due to recent events, but I have to say he is still my hero. That man has the mind of a champion. He was once quoted, “When people say to me,’Maybe I’ll become something great.’ I say sit down, if you think this way you’re going to be a loser. There is no maybe. You have to get up and say I want to be a champion. I’ll do whatever it takes, any amount of hours. Whatever it takes, I WILL DO!”

I don’t know if you know this, but your physical appearance is a direct manifestation of how you view yourself mentally. My mission to you is to view yourself as a champion! How do we do this? Believe! Any action, backed by belief, will result in something astonishing!

When it’s 5am and you have to get to the gym for morning cardio because you are on a weight loss plan, it’s belief that will get you there. If you believe in yourself to be a morning person, then you are a morning person.

Reality is what you make it, this is a FACT! If you want something that seems to be unattainable, tell reality to take a hike and start believing!!

The Importance of Resistance Training

Before we dive right into this thing, it’s important to define “what is Resistance Training?” Any Physical Exertion that is conducted under some form of resisting force is Resistance Training. The most common form is all the equipment in the weight room. But let’s take a step back and look at some of the basics. Resistance training could be as simple as pushing an object across a floor with a less than smooth surface. The same could be said for dragging that object. Another way, which is more common among senior citizens, is using water for resistance. Water allows the exercise enthusiast to make natural movements while under a comfortable amount of resistance forces.
Now that we have what Resistance Training is, let’s move on to why it is so important to the human body. Resistance training is paramount to releasing hormones that promote growth and development (this is why bodybuilders hit the weight room!). They also promote the reduction of body fat! There is a lot more that resistance training can do for you, but I think it is best if we cover that with our different age groups.
I’ll start with our youth, the future of society! During early stages of development is where you begin to build a solid foundation of habits for the rest of your life. Learning the importance of Resistance Training, and how to properly exercise under these conditions at this age will make its execution in later life much easier. Additionally, the body is still growing, so it’s important to make sure it grows the way it should be. Participating in Resistance Training as a youth will further stimulate hormone release, building a strong structure that you can take with you into your later years. Quick side note to all you gung ho parents out there, Children are NOT young adults and as such should not train like them. Their sweat glands, along with other vital systems of the body, are not fully developed and going full tilt off the start can cause more harm than good. Lift smarter not harder with our youth!
As a young adult, resistance training can help prolong your youth and energy. How does it do this? After resistance exercise, it can take several hours to fully recover and rebuild the muscle. This raises your metabolism significantly as your body surges nutrients around to repair. When your metabolism is on fire, you are on fire. This is why people who work out constantly seem to have this limitless supply of energy. It’s great, trust me! I feel better at 25 than I did at 16! So much energy for activities!
Growing old is a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in a chair and can barely move! The body does one of two things, it grows or decays. Stimulating growth and repair at an older age will keep your muscles from losing strength as well as raising your metabolism. Low resistance on the joints will keep them strong as well. Think of it like this, continuous movement keeps your inner workings well lubricated. What do you do with a door hinge that squeaks and feels super tight? You use WD-40 or some other kind of lubricant. Resistance Training is your WD-40!!!
Resistance Training is a key ingredient to feeling younger, longer. It’s a very long term strategy, but as you can see there are some benefits along the way! The best advice I can give is find something that works for you. I like the weights, but I like creating variety as well. Using resistance bands, water, whatever I can find has made a huge difference in not only my strength, but my overall health as well!
Till next time!
Michael Wickey